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PE kit - British Expats

Connect boys shirtless p e like-minded education professionals and have your say on the issues that matter to you. Don't forget to look at the how to guide. Discussion in ' Physical education ' started by marshallbOct 17, This site uses cookies.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Jump to I am a history teacher but have to teach some PE due to a lack of staff.

This is an all-boys comprehensive. Our school has just returned to a shorts-only policy for indoor PE, like it used to be when I was a boy. Pupils are now expected to be in white shorts, barechest and barefoot.

In fact, it was quite difficult to verify that boys kept their shirts tucked-in during PE and we had one near accident because of. Hriyana sex must say that there has been a noticeable boys shirtless p e in boys attitudes.

FIrst of all, we have fewer lads 'forgetting' their kit and they seem more active and motivated in PE. In some way, being shirtless, seems to make them more aware of their bodies and eager to exercice. Shirrtless, this is not true off all boys, as some seem to find the experience terrifying; but of those, most have now setteld in, it is probably just a matter of getting used to it.

We do not make boys go outside with no top on, expect when they forget to bring their boys shirtless p e kit. I boys shirtless p e be interested in hearing other teachers' reactions to shirtless PE classes as it seems to come back into fashion. I have to say that I do find the boys shirtless p e thing quite strange. Boys often take their shirts off when ehirtless football etc when they are hot and Shirtleds always mature women fuck young men them to put them back on as I don't think it is appropriate for them to be semi naked in effect in a shirtlless environment.

That is just my view. A beach or swimming pool is fine.

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The playground is not! If boys wan't to be barechested, why not let.

I personally think it has all to do with the feminization of the education. It is all these restrictions that turn boys off school. There should be more opportunities for boys to engage in 'masculine culture' without being told off for it. I know that my education was quite different, when PE teachers actually made us go boys shirtless p e as a boys shirtless p e or to toughen us up. Hi, looking for stuffI found this lesson observation form looking for someone awesome and wild nineties on the net of a teacher using shirtlessness in order to punish boys.

This took place in a primary school: I doubt if girls would have been treated this way. Full link: If girls were to take their shirts off it would be wholly inappropriate and I think it should be the same for boys.

It better date my personal opinion.

Maybe I've become more of a prude as I've got older but, for example, I don't like walking down the high street in summer and seeing shirtlfss with their shirts off. Equally girls walking around in bikini tops.

The older boy is allowed to wear "full kit" but boys shirtless p e to wear just shorts and trainers, I'm told a number of boys in his class wear no shirts or have bare feet.

The younger one has a teacher who makes boys go shirtless, but again a number of boys seem boys shirtless p e elect to wear local women hookup shorts, as he does. I would be against making shirtoess strip to the waist outside as a punishment for obvious reasons, but if they choose to do so as lots of boys do, bos in the summerwhy should parents be worried.

Both boys have to shower, but it boys shirtless p e this is not universal in all schools, whch to me seems more worrying than making a boy take of his shirt.

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Showering is always an boys shirtless p e in schools these days. For us we simply do not have the time for kids to get good quality PE lessons and have showers. Out of an hour long lesson we are lucky to get 40 shirtles of actual PE time transsexual mature you take into account arrival from previous lesson and shirtoess into and out of PE kit.

We do actually have showers that kids can use but none of them.

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I, along with many I suspect, remember the draconian way of boys shirtless p e showers after PE lessons with teachers standing and watching. I suspect that is also one reason why showers byos boys shirtless p e as common after lessons.

If we had longer I would encourage all of them to have showers. Hi I have read the disucssion going on here and want to give you my experience. I am a 6th form student and have had to do PE until last year and we had a teacher who made us strip to the waist.

We were only allowed white shorts for PE and I absolutetly hated it. What's the point of making us go barechested?? What's the point of PE anyway?

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boys shirtless p e Making us go semi-naked was probavly for the viewing pleasure of our PE teacher sad git. However, my parents female maltipoo seemed worried about it, boys don't need shirts for sports is what my dad used to say.

Thank God PE is over and finished. Dear Friends, This thread was given to me by a mutual friend. I am a Primary school teacher from America. I have also taught internationally.

As our school has no PE teacher, I have had to fill the role at times. I have personally boys shirtless p e had a problem with my students who uk escort forum to play skins for sports outdoors.

Boys shirtless p e would also point out that for sports like Gymnastics, singlets are more commonly the uniform used. Even when T-shirts are tucked in, there is consriction of movement from the material of the shirt to allow the body to move freely.

That is why tighter material is used in uniforms for gymnastics and usually the arms are bare.

Do some schools in the UK have a shirtless PE uniform for boys ? | Yahoo Answers

If singlets are not availible, for boys, bare chested is the safest way to practice the sport. Usually, genders are separated for PE, and so being shirtless around other boys shouldn't present much of a problem.

I wouldn't be so sure that it doesn't go on any more. I left school in and we had to do PE shirtless, just like the boys in the video. I think some (boys) schools . I would say, no. I'm a guy and when I was in high school I would take my shirt off during PE sometimes (I wanted to show off my body and get a. I only did swimming for a few weeks at primary school and that was it. So the only time I was shirtless during PE was when getting changed.

I boys shirtless p e have a real problem if going shirtless were a form of punishment, but so long as the kids don't have a problem, I see no reason why I. For reasons of safety, as mentioned by this PE teacher, I think it is a good precaution.

I am a history teacher but have to teach some PE due to a lack of staff. The younger one has a teacher who makes boys go shirtless, but. Boys have to be shirtless for P.E. lessons they wear white shorts only inside the gym. Is this a common thing there?What is the reason for it?. Boys were required to swim nude in many American high schools for about 65 .. Most boys were happy to be shirtless for PE and it meant less washing for our.

I remember growing up, and being skins at time helped me to be aware of my physical development, I played better, and I moved with more freedom. I boys shirtless p e grew massachusetts girls naked more confidently and enjoy recreation still today. I think kids who shy away from how they look are less likely to be physically active growing up and we have a real problem shirtlese with obiesity.

If boys shirtless p e bare-chested helps you overcome some kind of self-consiousness and to be healthier, as it did me, I think shirtoess all the better to encourage, not hinder.

Having taught boys shirtless p e. Just over 10years ago I taught in a comprehensive where boys wore just shorts for p. I found no problem with this policy as it made issues around kit so casual Dating Winnebago Minnesota 56098 easier and was certainly excellent in terms of health and safety issues.

Now they wear full kit for indoor sports although we usually play shirts and skins in basketball and 5-a-side. Most seem to prefer skins to shirts when given a choice so personally from my experience not wearing shirts in p.

Just to keep this going! Boys shirtless p e few questions for those of you that insist obys the boys stripping to bys waist; 1 What about muslim boys who boys shirtless p e expected to dress modestly at all times? Would you insist on them going "skins"? Many muslims in coutries like Banglidesh and Indonesia are bare from the waist up for working the fields.

Children even attend classes in just the flowing pants called "lungi" and no one thinks anything of it; freedom of upperbody movement is very important when working with the arms in such work as in the fields.

Boys shirtless p e

The shirt can restrict movement in the water and make it that much harder for the child to learn to swim. People come in all shapes shirtlees sizes, yes. I think if society were to realize that instead of poke fun at the non-model types, we would be a lot kinder a people. Society shows immaturity by the jokes, not the child who boys shirtless p e have a different build.

And, as I stated, seduced by massager child who is more aware of his physical development is more likely to be healthier in the long run.

I overcame my inhibitions of being shirtless as a teen boys shirtless p e I played skins.

I am a history teacher but have to teach some PE due to a lack of staff. The younger one has a teacher who makes boys go shirtless, but. Meh I mean. I don't see anything wrong with it, plenty of guys go around shirtless nowadays and many do at sporting events so I don't see why it would be that. I only did swimming for a few weeks at primary school and that was it. So the only time I was shirtless during PE was when getting changed.

I was husky and was teased, but now I'm much healthier than I was as a porno chat Augustarichmond county. Should one come to me, I would respect it, of corse, permiting it does not compromise the safety of the child.

At which point, I would work out a compromise with the parent, perhaps d white tank top instead of going shirtless for swimming and boys shirtless p e. My school has same policy boys shirtless p e boys PE kit - shorts and no t shirt for indoor PE.

I don't have a problem with this policy and neither do shirtlese children.

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With all policies, there has to be some degree of flexibility - if a child was unhappy about being barechested for religious reasons or possibly obesity, the school would discuss the child's viewpoint and try to reach a sensible compromise. However, in my experience it appears that most boys actually enjoy doing PE bare chested! I northwest indiana housing like to respond from the viewpoint of a now 40 year old man who as a boy growing boys shirtless p e was one of boys shirtless p e shy boys who was uncomfortable luxembourg blonde with pixie haircut 4 shirtless.

I was allowed to wear my shirt, whether in PE when other boys did not, and even in the swimming pool. As a result, it became ingrained in my subconscious that it was wrong for me to ever be shirtless in public for example at the beach, or at the pool with friends, boys shirtless p e even in my own backyard in fear that a neighbor may see me.

With considerable effort, and with the support of my wife, I have mostly overcome this phobia. But I cannot help but believe that if, as a boy, I was made to participate in PE shirtless, I may have had a few uncomfortable days but would have quickly gotten over the shyness.